Litigation in All Italian Courts

Italian Law Requires Attorney Representation in Most Cases

If you are sued before an Italian Court, contact Coco Ruggeri Law Firm today for our expert legal services and support.

Our Firm represents clients across a broad spectrum of associated proceedings, in front of all Italian Courts as well as mediation hearings before various administrative agencies.

It is important to understand that if you ignore the legal summons or citation, according to Italian regulation, the proceeding will proceed in your absence and you will risk losing any legal claims or rights, without a proper or warranted legal defense. For this reason, it is important to be fully aware of all legal procedures. Italian Law requires representation by a recognized Italian attorney, except in all but a few and rare instances.

An additional consideration, according to Italian law, is that a defendant will have a limited and discreet time to outline an effective defense before the hearing date, as established by an Italian court. The allotted time permitted to outline a defense is usually 20 days before the established date. Due to the strict nature of deadlines outlined by Italian courts, it is extremely important to retain proper and competent legal representation.

Within the Italian legal process there are many different legal procedures and almost every instance involving civil litigation can be divided into four stages:

  • Introduction: Provides the opportunity for all parties involved in the legal proceeding to outline their respective legal positions;
  • Treatment: Provides the opportunity for all parties to provide argument and legal precedent to assert or defend the previously stated legal positions;
  • Exhibition of Proof: Provides the opportunity for all parties to present evidentiary proof to assert or defend their previously stated legal positions.
  • Court decision: The decision of the Court pertaining to the stated legal positions of both parties, to include all argument, legal precedent, and evidentiary proof used to assert or defend the legal positions.

The entire process, from Introduction to Court decision, can take several years. In addition, consider that, in Italy, there are three degrees of legal judgement. Often, after the Court decision is issued, a large percentage of all legal proceedings will progress to the second degree, Corte d"Appello, and possibly to the third degree as presided over by the Corte di Cassazione.

Coco Ruggeri Law Firm has extensive knowledge and significant expertize on the litigation process, such as:

  • Knowledge of substantive and procedural law, including strong written and oral advocacy skills;
  • Analytical and logical legal-reasoning abilities;
  • Ability to synthesize complex legal and factual materials;
  • Superior interpersonal skills;
  • Knowledge of legal research techniques and software;
  • Client development skills;
  • Legal negotiation skills;

Coco Ruggeri Law Firm has litigated numerous cases in front all potential Italian jurisdictions, including all potential judicial degrees, including the Corte di Cassazione in Rome. With respect to legal proceedings presided over by the Corte di Cassazione, statistically speaking, approximately 45 % of the legal proceedings are resolved differently than was declared under the first judicial degree.

Coco Ruggeri Law Firm provides the best legal representation for our Clients. Our Firm will fight to achieve the best possible outcome on our Client"s behalf. Our Firm is specialized in court litigation and procedure, and we are willing to assume our Client"s desired legal positions, to embrace conflict and controversy and to effectively defend our Clients.

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