Italian Legal Services for Inheritances & Wills

Legal Mediation & Litigation Related to Inheritance Taxation

Coco Ruggeri Law Firm has aided many clients in resolving legal issues relating to bequeathed inheritance originating in Italy and/or the US, providing legal expertise and consultation on all aspects directly related to it, including legal mediation, litigation, and related to inheritance taxation.

With respect to legal and rightful inheritance, there are many legal aspects to be considered. One such consideration is in understanding appropriate and applicable laws governing it, as ruled under the European Regulation (EU) No 650/2012 . This rule that has been directly applied in Italy since August 2015.

It is also important to understand what type of procedures are to be followed to proper recover the inheritance. This can depend on the existence of a valid will, or on the lack thereof. In fact, it is not uncommon that the legitimacy of a will is challenged in Court, particularly if the will was written in Italy by the testator, without having scribed the will in a proper or legally acceptable manner.

In the event that there is no legal written will, Italian Inheritance Law will apply and our Firm is able to provide you legal support. While Italian Inheritance Law is one of the most complex and litigious practices within the Italian legal system, it is a practice for which our Firm has significant and exemplary expertise.

Additionally, our Clients often request legal services to formulate a will or trust. After the European Regulation (EU) No 650/2012 was issued, the legal context to formulate a will or trust became significantly more complex. The additional complexity created by the regulation has subsequently generated an additional need to properly prepare and draft a will or trust, governing succession and inheritance, by skilled and experienced legal representation. Doing so without proper legal expertise invites unnecessary challenges to the desired succession and inheritance of an estate.

For all the aforementioned circumstances, and due to the many differing legalities that can arise within the Italian legal system, it is important that you work with an Italian Attorney, as Coco Ruggeri Law Firm who can guide you through the proper procedures that will protect your interests.

If you have received an inheritance that falls within the jurisdiction of Italy or US, you will need an Italian Attorney within the US to support you, and make sure that your rights are fully realized and respected.

My Firm will provide you with the proper legal assistance where the following circumstances exist:

  • The deceased person was domiciled or was a resident in Italy or USA;
  • The deceased person was an Italian Citizen at the time of death;
  • The estate was opened in Italy;
  • The majority of the estate of the deceased is located in Italy;
  • The defendant has accepted the jurisdiction of an Italian court (unless the claim concerns fixed properties that are located within a foreign country);
  • And any additional legal concerns or circumstances pertaining to inheritance and succession rights.

To learn more about the different types of inheritances, wills, and trusts, please contact our Firm to schedule a consultation. Please feel free to complete the contact form and we will begin reviewing your needs and concerns immediately.

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