Adriana Maria Ruggeri

Adriana Maria Ruggeri is an Italian Lawyer and the General Manager at Coco Ruggeri & Associated Law Firm. Adriana is the first Italian foreign legal counsel in the State of Colorado registered at the Colorado Supreme Court.

Under her guide, the Firm grew significantly in this last decade,  providing dedicated and tailored legal consultation to individuals and companies with interest in both USA and Italy. Italian Dual Citizenship, Contracts, Customs Issues, Property Management, Taxation, are some of the fields of practice.

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 Main Areas of Legal Expertise

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Our law firm is uniquely licensed to practice Italian Law in USA . Our offices are located in Italy and the U.S., holding registration with the Colorado Supreme Court, and with the Italian BAR Association.

Our practice specializes in the following areas of law:

  • Real estate transactions and management in Italy;
  • Italian citizenship and immigration, including citizenship by maternal descendant;
  • American citizenship and immigration;
  • Dual citizenship; and
  • Wills, trusts, and inheritance in Italy.

We also offer legal support services in Italian commercial and civil litigation, with a track record spanning thousands of processed cases. Coco Ruggeri provides tailored legal services to Italian and American companies that operate across the two countries.

Allow Coco Ruggeri's expert attorneys to serve your Italian and U.S. legal needs.

We support individuals' and businesses' legal needs by offering expertise in:

  • Customs and taxation litigation;
  • International small-business and corporate contracts;
  • Debt collection;
  • Data Protection Officers (DPO); and
  • For individuals and businesses already operating in Italy, our firm offers guidance regarding the recently established Italian Privacy and Accountability Code.

Coco Ruggeri can help solve your current legal matters and prevent potential obstacles from developing. We provide expert Italian and American legal advice to help you reach your personal or business goals.

Coco Ruggeri maintains offices in Denver, Rome, Cagliari and Oristano, and has extensive experience practicing law in all Italian courts, including Tribunale, Corte d'appello, Tribunale amministrativo regionale (TAR), Consiglio di Stato, and Corte di Cassazione.

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